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Scavenger Hunt Update!!

fedaykin1125 / May 19, 2017
Ok guys and gals, here are the rules for the event:

all guildies participating must be logged in and in guild chat by 9:10 pm

Lowbies must present the following items in lieu of selfies that they cannot feasably take:

red defias mask x1
ice cold milk x1
fish oil x1
small collar x1
wrapping paper x5 (any color)

Now, for all others, this is the main event, YOU must take selfies that meet the following conditions: (might be in terms of a riddle)

Free-fall from dalaran or TB

"Hanging wit my Gnomies"

giving Lady Sylvanus a hug

doing the improbable with a dragon

NOT Stayin away from de voodoo

Riding that train, high on cocaine.....

and my personal favorite:

"Wrong Way!!! Idiot!!"

Bonus Items:

"Makes Cheech & Chong jealous......"

"in the middle of nowhere"

'' i am ironman! ''

screenshots to be submitted by post no later than 10pm cdt, judges will be messy, sith, death, feday....

good luck and have fun


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